W95 netlogon with profiles on server

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Oct 21 20:54:10 GMT 1997

> I'm having a little trouble here. I want the profiles stored on the
> server and _not_ on the client at all. I've read the earlier postings
> here about this, and got almost everything working.
> The only thing that want work is the change of the registry.

Couple of things.

I just tested this and the registry is changed through the logon script.

According to Louis Mandelstam...

> The behaviour you're observing is due the the order in which things
> happen.  The user's profile is only downloaded and activated AFTER the
> logon script has executed - so if you run regedit.exe in the logon
> script, it does change the registry, but the changes are overwritten by
> the user's profile when it's downloaded from the server afterwards.

I don't think that this is correct because the the ProfileImagePath key
is stored in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.  This is not affected by the
HKEY_USER hive at all.

Assuming that you have the profiles enabled on the local PC all of this
should work.  It may be a race condition though.  The profile may be
loaded before the regedit completes totally.  Might want to mount the
user's home directory, call the user's batch script ( if needed ), the
run regedit and then mount the other drives ( maybe write a short sleep
program as well ).

BTW...You probably don;t need to set a USERNAME environment variable. 
The reason that I did this to start off with was that I initially copied
the profile to the local PC and user the UseHomeDirecory key ( as
specified in the Win95 RK ).

Hope this helps,
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