WINS, routers, and SAMBA

Harry Ford hford at
Thu Oct 16 20:22:51 GMT 1997

Hi all, first time caller, long time listener,

I've read all the .txt files (I swear) and I've searched the archives but I
still cannot get my poor users on two other remote segments to see my samba

I reside on one LAN, the other two are in Europe, each one connected to my
LAN via CISCO routers. Given that the two other subnets are abroad, it's
real hard to test all this, so I'd appreciate any help from y'all.


 (SMB & Domain Master & Local Master)
  (& Preffered Master & os Level 66)
       (& WINS support yes)
              ----------    ------     ------     --------
              | *UNIX* |    |unix|     |unix|     |PC(95)|
  Segment A   ----------    ------     ------     --------
   (192.9.200.*)  |____________|_________|___________|
                          |                      |
                          |(56K Line)            |(56K Line)
                        Router                 Router
  Segment B (192.9.205.*) |                      |  Segment C (192.9.206.*)
              ____________|_____            _____|_______________
            _|_      _|_      _|_        _|_        _|_        _|_
           |PC1|    |PC2|    |PC3|      |PC1|      |PC2|      |PC3|
            ---      ---      ---        ---        ---        ---
         (All WIN 95) ---------------------------------------------->

Can't even do a net view \\[samba server] from the remote segments

  * I think I've set up my smb.conf OK. Other UNIX machines and PC's on
    segment A (that have set their WINS server to samba) can see the server, 
  * my routers are not (I don't think) forwarding broadcast packets (and I
    don't think that would be very smart, anyway, even though I only have
    about 10 users on each segment) but I did set the primary WINS server on 
    the PCs in seg B and C to the samba server (and have wins support = yes
    in the conf),
  * I added interfaces in the conf to the remote IP addresses above, but
    no PCs on the remote segments can see the samba server in their net

Should I use DNS instead of (or in addition to WINS)?
Am I missing some intermediary thing here?
It all sounded so easy in the docs... :)

Am I completely off or am I on the right track?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Market News Service Inc., hford at

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