another (yawn) subnet browsing problem

Beau Atwater beau at
Thu Oct 16 19:22:20 GMT 1997

OK, I've read BROWSING.txt and NetBIOS.txt and I've been following the
list for almost a year.  Browsing only half works and I'm using

Our network has many subnets but I'm concerned with only three.  Indeed,
it looks a lot like the example in browsing.txt.  Subnet A has the samba
server (domain master for Workgroup W and local master for subnet A) and
several NT workstations all on Workgroup W.  Subnet B has several NT
workstations on Workgroup W.  Subnet C has the WINS server, which is
also the PDC for a huge domain that I'm not part of.  The browse lists
for subnet B are OK:  they contain everyone from W on subnets A and B.  

However, subnet A only sees workstations from subnet A and the browse
list for the samba server (on A) contains only the subnet A NT boxes,
and other workgroup masters also on A.  If I use tcpdump or netcat I can
see lots of communication on subnet A to the WINS server on port 137. I
also see that every 12 minutes the local master of B sends a packet to
samba on A on port 138, which must be the browse list sync for subnet
B.  BUT, I never see the synchronization request sent back from samba on
A to the local master on B.

Other misc. info:
1) everyone has the same subnet mask and correct WINS server address.
2) no one is using lmhosts
3) log.nmb shows correct elections on subnet A and an initial query for
domain master to WINS
4) testparm says everything is ok
5) all tests passed in DIAGNOSIS.txt
6) we use a "0" based broadcast (XXX.YYY.ZZZ.0)
7) here is the relevant smb.conf:

  workgroup = W
  domain master = yes
  local master = yes
  preferred master = yes
  os level = 40
  wins server = XXX.XXX.YYY.YYZ
  wins proxy = yes
  password level = 3

I'd sure like to get this working.  I'm sure I'm doing something dumb so
I've been reluctant to post to this list.  Sorry for the barf.  Thanks
for any suggestions.

Beau Atwater
Beau Atwater								beau at
Bell Communications Research			       (732) 758-3373

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