Integrating Win95 and Samba in detail

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Mon Oct 13 07:13:27 GMT 1997

On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Louis Mandelstam wrote:

> On Mon, 13 Oct 1997, Christian 'Dr. Disk' Hechelmann wrote:
> > same drive letter, since some of the machines had more that one FAT partition.
> > This was solved by using 4DOS and a DOS port of sed(1)... Works nice now :-)
> Last time I checked, 4DOS was shareware i.e. you can't necessarily assume
> it's free for use at no charge.

Without 4DOS you can probably still workaround the problem of more than
one FAT partition by walking through d:, e:, until you find an empty file
system, and hope that will be the ramdisk. Ugly, but we are talking DOS

> > The only thing I have to get around is that every bootdisk needs a different
> > NetBIOS name... I guess I'll use parts of the IP for dynamic name generation...
> At the time when I was using DOS to boot the install process, I used DOS
> versions of GNU grep and cut to get the IP address from the output of
> ipconfig.exe, then grep for that address in a table kept on the server
> (hostname: ipaddr), then wrote the hostname to setup.ini and restarted the
> msclient.   Ugly.

You could try using a "preexec" to create a batch file on the install
share. "preexec" takes the usual substitution, so you could pass it the IP
address, and have it do the lookup in order to create the required batch
> > Well, I'm using DHCP to configure the clients. This applys to the bootdisk
> > too, but the NetBIOS name seems to be hardcoded in the net\system.ini file...
> > Ugly.
> It does - the best I could do was to automatically alter system.ini and
> restart the client.

Yep. And with the DOS client knowing how to alter system.ini is hard, but
the above might work.

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