Integrating Win95 and Samba

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Fri Oct 10 00:39:21 GMT 1997

First of all, many thanks to all of you for the answers. The only ISP
of Tahiti was down these days :( and this is why my questions seemed

Anyway, here is what I'm currently doing : I have a login script template 
and a regsitry template that I edit using sed (using the root preexec
directive) each time a user logs in. I now have remote-only profiles,
no passord caching et al. That's GREAT !!

Now I want to have the applications configured automatically. One of
the main app is the Netscape Navigator. Gerald said :

> When you get the roaming profiles working, this happens automatically.

Not for me : I have to manually configure the user's folders, pop
username ... The only idea I have is to add a value to HKLM/S/W/CV/Run
that would load a set of preferences into the reg once the user has
logged on. I don't find this too cute ... Any opinion ? (note that
changing the Netscape entries for the .Default user entry works but it
is not used when a new user comes in )

		Mauruuru maitai (Tahitian thanks)

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