Win95, Microsoft + Novell32 = Trouble

Thorvald Natvig slicer at
Thu Oct 9 22:30:44 GMT 1997

I have a small problem. I doubt it's Samba-specific, but I hope one of you
can help.

We are a college with a few hundred machines running W95. Currently they
all use Novell for network services.

Now, I'm setting things up so that they will use Microsoft network as
well, using a Linux machine with Samba as their home drives, domain logons
and profile storage.

However... The Microsoft Network Client, and the Novell 32 client (Or the
Intranetware client) aren't exactly best of friends:

When using a logon script (with Microsoft Network as the primary logon),
the following command:


fails, but if I put
Z:\Novell\login Student\stud /TREE /NS 
(Login to novell tree WITHOUT scripts)
and then
Z:\Novell\map anydrive: anynovellvolume
before it, it works. Annoying. Also, I notice that the Novell client
32 (Not the intranetware one) has a tendency to do this:
- You select 'Shut down|Log on as another user'
- ANY drive that was currently mapped, will now be mapped to the login
  volume of a novell server.
- Any NET USE statements in the logon script that try to map to these
  drives will subsequently fail, as 
  "net use" can't handle nwclient32 mappings. Most annoying.

If I let the novell login program above run WITH it's startup scripts, the
'Waiting for logon script to finish' box never goes away.

And if I start the Novell Windows logon program, it's just started
alongside everything else, and the logon script will continue without
waiting for it to finish.

Just leaving the netware all alone will make it pop up on it's own,
complaining that the user (which it has grabbed from the SMB logon window)
doesn't exists. It doesn't, all Novell usage should be through the 'stud'
user, and I'd prefer if the box never showed up.
Currently, I have a working setup in that the login script on the samba
server uses the 'login.exe' program to login to the novell server WITHOUT
running start scripts there, and then does something that is somewhat
similar to what the netware script did, and then mounts it's shares. But
the original netware logon script was highly tailored and was specific to
context and location, and since I won't be the one administrating it,
having it converted into something else is doubtfully an option.

Does anyone have some ideas on getting these two to interact in a friendly
manner, with the Microsoft one being the primary logon?
Using JUST the 'Netware Client' that came with Win95 won't work, as it
can't handle NDS, which is something we need. 

Any help appreciated.

Another note: Does anyone know how to get an API for Novell? For MSNet
it's just to use WNetAddConnection() and it's relatives, but I can't find
something similar for the NWClient32 ones.

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