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Thu Oct 9 08:20:06 GMT 1997

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Lowell C. Savage wrote:

> I didn't see a description in the various messages of where the file actually
> is written.  If it is written to the \\server\netlogon directory, don't you
> get a locking problem with two or more users loggin in?  I mean, if you have
> a slow client logging on with one user, and a moment later, another user
> logging on another client.  If the file is actually changed before the first
> client gets to the point in its netlogon.bat script where it is using the
> reg file, does the first machine then create a registration entry that puts
> user1 in user2's profile location?  Is this a problem?

It certainly would have been, but there are a whole range of options to
avoid the problem -

1. Give the file a username-specific filename
2. Give the file a client machine-specific filename
3. Put the file on the client's C:
4. Put the file in the user's home directory
5. Let's see, using the smbd's pid?

Currently, I'm using option 4.


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