Win95 profiles on server (was Re: Automated installs (very long)) (BUG#616)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Thu Oct 9 00:44:32 GMT 1997

> [hey, why has this been allocated a bug number - bug-tracking automation
>interfering with your email to a non-bug-related thread? <G>]

All messages sent to the Samba mailing list now get automatically put into
the "digest" section of our new bug tracking system and assigned a number.
Samba team members can reply from within the bug tracking system. This has
the advantage that the reply is recorded and any followups (like this one)
get stored along with the message. 

This will hopefully make it easier for us to build a better FAQ in the future.

>How does this work?  What is Win95 waiting for before it continues?  (I
>ask without checking the source et al - you know it by heart surely!)

The client (Win95) asks to mount the share which the preexec script is attached
to. Samba just doesn't reply until the script has finished.

If it took too long then the client would give up and report an error.

>Pretty damn cute, though if I wanted to do this I'd already be doing
>using [homes] as you note - I really liked the convenience of always
>having a fixed sharename for the user directory, since it allows me to
>hard code paths for applications.  If I can't come up with a way to do
>what I want, I expect I'll go back and user a [%U] share, and have the
>preexec script generate a .REG file which the logon script imports - with
>all the paths pointing to the correct share.

If you want to hard code paths then use a drive letter and mount the home 
directory on a standard drive letter (maybe h: ?).

>Is there any way I could make a preexec script that could deny the
>connection?  Probably too late at that stage?   How about if a netlogon
>preexec stopped the login process from progressing any further?

You could modify Samba to look at the return code from the preexec script
and deny the login if it returned an error. Some programming required (not
much). Just remember to call yield_connection() after it fails or the count
of established connections will be wrong.

Cheers, Andrew

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