Oops in ADMIN$ message just posted.

Shawn Heisey shawnh at simon.simn.com
Thu Oct 9 00:52:05 GMT 1997

That should have been "REGEDIT /S" instead of "START /S" in that last 

The /S switch on REGEDIT prevents the annoying "the contents of blah.reg 
have been successfully incorporated" message.

Something else that may help people in general with logon scripts.  If 
you are spawning Windows executables from your logon script, using 
"START /W <program> <switches>" instead of "<program switches>" will 
cause the batch file to wait until the spawned process completes and 
exits before continuing on.  "START" can also be used to run another DOS 
program or batch file in a separate window.  It even comes with help. :) 
Type "START /?" to see.

Shawn Heisey, MIS
Dick Simon Trucking, Inc.
shawnh at simn.com


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