Automated installs (very long)

Joerg Lenneis lenneis at
Wed Oct 8 17:49:31 GMT 1997

Louis Mandelstam <lma at> writes:

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> Anyway, the result is that I never get a "first logon" message, and the
> user's registry is not kept on C: at all.  Right now, it will result in
> entries accumulating in ProfileList until the machine is re-installed, but
> that (a) is not a big problem for me as users don't roam very extensively
> here and (b) should be easy to fix either by using regedit's undocumented
> key delete command-line switch, or doing something in autoexec.bat similar
> to: 

Ah, another undocumented switch to regedit. What would be the syntax
of that one?

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