Automated installs (very long)

Simon Hyde shyde at
Wed Oct 8 15:56:45 GMT 1997

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997 18:49:14 +1000, you wrote:

>Now, when the user logs in, there is a preexec script set for the netlogon
>share which quickly creates a .reg file for the user, which simply
>One problem I have with this setup is that there is a race condition - we
>assume the preexec script has completed by the time the Win95 machine
>reaches that point in the logon script.   I plan to implement some kind of
>mechanism to cause the logon script to wait (or eventually time out) 
If I understand correctly (which I may not, quite probable) the login
script is from the netlogon share. If this is so then there never will
be a race, since the preexec is run and allowed to finish before samba
will allow access to the share (so things like mount can be put in the
preexec) so windows won't get access to the logon script until after
the preexec script has run.

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