Automated installs (very long)

Jason Gerrity jason.gerrity at
Tue Oct 7 17:38:23 GMT 1997

We have a site license for HumingBird's NFS Maestro and I too switched to
SMB for one, in DOS not a win95 DOS window, but DOS, (ie msclient boot
disk) NFS version used is version 2 and from my testings SMB is 3 x faster.
 Also we would hten be able to get rid of the NFS licenses...

Louis, I use something called WinInstall and I would strongly recommend
EVERYBODY use it (it's originally from OnDemand but got bought out by
SeagateSoftware)  Anyway, it has an automatic install features for both 95
and NT and can automatically update any file or reg entry on any client
machine...Make application installations and modifactions very easy.  No I
don't work for either company :)

I would really love a peek at your 'magic boot disk'.  I'll show you mine
if you show me yours :)  I would love to have a completely hands-free install.

We are currently using the SMC 8013 ISA nic, but we're rolling out the
SMC9332BDT PCI nic also, which means that the drivers for both nic's need
to be in the image that gets transfered down.

Gerald, what's your set-up like?

Do either of you dual-boot?  We've created a pretty good dual-boot method
here for Win95/DOS5.0



P.S. maybe we should hold a seperate conversation (e-mail) and then post
our joint reccomendations to the mailing list.

At 11:09 AM 10/7/97 -0500, Gerald W. Carter wrote:
>Louis Mandelstam wrote:
>> I'd like to add that I would recommend you use Samba/smbfs to mount
>> the share on the server from the install routine, rather than using
>> NFS as I have.  Reason I'm using NFS was due to earlier experiments
>> which used NFS, and I certainly intend switching to SMB when I have
>> some spare time.
>I agree 100%.  I have both NFS and SMB servers / clients, and find
>entirely less headaches associated with the SMB network clients than 
>the NFS ones.  We have a campus license for the Solstice 3.1 NFS  client
>from Sun and I am still going to roll out SMB connections to faculty /
>student desktops.
>M$ apps / OS / etc... just work better in their own world ( although I
>will admit that the Solstice package is very good ).
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