Performance LANMAN 2.2c.0 client and SAMBA server

Hudec Roman hudec at
Tue Oct 7 07:43:20 GMT 1997

We're running SAMBA server on HP-UX 10.20. If I'm using 
Win95 client, write speed to SAMBA server is about 550 KB/s.
If I use LANMAN client 2.2c.0 from M$ on the same PC, write
 speed is much slower, about 80 KB/s. If I write from LANMAN
 to Win95 shared directory, speed is about 180 MB/s.
 PC have INTEL 120MHz processor, 32 MB RAM.
 Can help me anyone, how can I configure LANMAN for higher
 write speed to SAMBA server ?.

    hudec at

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