Cross Subnet Browsing - what am I missing?

Jeff Newton newton at
Mon Oct 6 18:53:06 GMT 1997

I've got 2 subnets with an NT domain called PMC.  I'm trying to setup
samba-1.9.17p2 under that domain.

On subnet A I have the PDC which is also the WINS server.

On subnet B I have the samba server with the following config:

 workgroup = PMC
 domain master = no
 local master = yes
 preferred master = yes
 os level = 65
 domain controller = nt-server0
 wins server = (ip of PDC)
The problem I have is that I can only browse the samba server on subnet B.
I can access the samba server from the PDC no problem but I can't seem to 
see it in Network Neighbourhood.

The log indicates that the browse list is syncing with the PDC so I'm not
sure why its not working.

What am I missing?

Jeff Newton
Unix Systems Administrator
Computer Services
PMC-Sierra Inc.

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