preserving UNIX file permissions

Simon Hyde shyde at
Mon Oct 6 18:49:26 GMT 1997

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997 19:46:37 +1000, I wrote:

>This sounds as if it is probably the annoying habit of 
>windows programs when saving a file to:
>-rename/delete original
>-create a new file with same name as original
>-delete original if not done in step 1
>This really messes up samba file permissions because as
>far as samba is concerned the files created in the second
>stage are simply new files and should therefore be created 
>with the default for new files.

Maybe samba could be set to set some flag, maybe in a file somewhere
so that if a file is re-created under the same name within, say,
1/10th of a second then it will read in the permissions from the file
and set the files group/permissions to that.

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