Automated installs

Jason Gerrity jason.gerrity at
Mon Oct 6 14:36:41 GMT 1997

I agree that this is a great topic for discussion.

We have also gone this way and have an automated install from and SMB dos
disk and use Rdist4PC for distribution (which is free) and have about
20,000 roving users and thus removed that "you have not logged in..." message.

we use Kixtart to do our printer installations.

We should all share our info and create the best automated method...


>Did you actually get all the relevant entries in the registry to point
>at the users home directory as the desktop? Or does this work in the
>"ususal" way that the desktop is copied from/to the server at
>login/logout? If the former, I would be very interested how you did

We have changed the reg entries and pointed all to users home dir on
server.  Thus no more log out then update user profile on server...I would
be happy to send you the changes..



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