Homedir maps (+small patch)

Simeon Walker simeon at sbs.bangor.ac.uk
Fri Oct 3 08:25:52 GMT 1997

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From: Hannu Martikka <martikka at gamgee.ntc.nokia.com>
To: Multiple recipients of list <samba at samba.anu.edu.au>
Date: 03 October 1997 08:35
Subject: Homedir maps (+small patch)

>I have following setup: User homedir are on server B and I have samba
>running on server A and B (B is dec/osf1, A is HPUX).
>In Luke's reply to "Spiros B" (tue 12 aug 97) he said:
>> because (and this is the bit about the home.map support that i don't
>> exactly understand, and don't quite follow) when you do a domain logon
>> to server A, the home.map support will feed the client with
>> \\auto-home-server\share (don't know what the share is - it's probably
>> homes).
>> where auto-home-server should be the server component of the home.map
>> entry.
>This seems to implicate that samba server A should send message back to
>client saying "Please connect to server B (\\B\homes) instead". I
>sniffered the network messages between server A and client and didn't find
>anything that could point to this.  Is this "homedir map/nis homedir"
>feature really working?
>Getting the servername (B == bilbo) seems to work ok. From logfile:
>Setting default HOMESHR to: \\logon server\HOMES
>NIS Domain: mydomain
>NIS lookup succeeded
>        Home server length: 5
>        Allocated 17 bytes for HOMESHR
>        User = martikka
>        UID = 1220
>        NIS result = bilbo:/net/bilbo/home/martikka
>        HOMESHR = \\bilbo\homes
>After that everything seems to be going like normal smb-session. Nothing
>to indicate that client actually should connect to server B (bilbo).
>Also in server B logfiles there is no evidence that client had tried to
>call it up.
>This option could be very useful once it works :)
>Does anyone have any idea how samba is supposed to continue? What kind of
>packet should be sent?
No, the PC is meant to ask the logon server where its home is and then
connect directly to that (i.e. it doesn't get re-directed). The usual way to
get a WfW/Win95 PC to make the right connection is to do:

'net use h: /home'

the PC will ask the login server where a users home is, the samba server
(in this case) will look up the user in the NIS and return the path the the
homes share on that machine (which has to be running samba!)

Hope this helps,


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