Multiple subnet planning

Mark Lehrer mark at
Wed Oct 1 15:32:34 GMT 1997

Is there a set of guidelines on how to arrange a Samba network that
contains multiple subnets?  In particular, I have two issues:

1) at the home office, I need to have a single samba server be the
   domain controller for two subnets - I was considering just putting
   two network cards in the main server - will Samba automatically bind
   to both intefaces and work correctly?

2) we have a remote office that is connected via a partial T-1.  For
   now, I put a second Samba server and domain controller on the other
   end; what is the "correct" way to link the two?  NIS?  Bandwidth
   over the T-1 is at a premium so I may just leave them separate but
   for future reference I would like to know the correct way to do

Mark Lehrer

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