Samba & Perfomance

Fyodor Ustinov ufm at
Wed Oct 1 14:29:27 GMT 1997


> : I change my file server from NT 4.0 to Samba (17p2). And i get some
> : troubles with
> : Access (2 and 97) perfomance. After moving all bases from NT server to
> : samba server Access work slower ~10 times.
> What OS are you using? In any casem the most important parameter I have
> found to affect performance is "socket options". Try this in your
> smb.conf file:
> socket options = TCP_NODELAY
> This should speed up Samba considerably.
> Also read Speed.txt in the Samba documentation directory.
I'm read this file. I'm read read this file every day and night. :)

Ok. Additional info:
Samba running on Linux 2.0.30. Computer - Acer Altos 7000 (P90, 64Mb RAM,
4*2G SCSI HDD used as MD Device, Net card - EISA HP J2577 (100VG)).
Workstation - NTWS 4.0 SP3. Computer - HP Vectra VL (P166, 64Mb RAM, Net
card - Some HP 100VG on PCI).

   socket options = SO_SNDBUF=102400 SO_RCVBUF=102400 TCP_NODELAY


1. FindFirst/Delete sequence (used some programs) slower ~15 times at Samba
ff in directory >500 files
2. If program read file by 2K block (Access 2.0 for sample) slower ~10
3. Copying 14Mb file from/to server - ~8-10 sec.  14/8 = 1.75Mb/s. Bad for
100Mb ethernet...

What i do wrong?

With best regards,

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