nmbd crashing as domain controller

Robert Franklin R.C.Franklin at reading.ac.uk
Sun Nov 30 21:57:37 GMT 1997


We've been over this before many times, I think... it's about nmbd
crashing in 1.9.17 (all patchlevels, AFAIK).

Various suggestions have been suggested (cron jobs to kill off / restart
nmbd every hour) but no fixes to nmbd itself (I think).

Do the Samba team know of a fix (or could they do one; if they know what
the problem is)?  A new [fast] machine added to our network recently seems
to be able to crash our server very regularly. :)

  - Bob

P.S.  On another issue, is 1.9.18 on alpha as far as the domain logon
support for NT is concerned?  i.e. could I use it on my (largley non-NT)
network with reliable support for 95/etc. clients?

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