nt 4.0 printing to samba 17p2 as non-guest

Frank Brock, 513 629-2437 frankb at epcorp.com
Sun Nov 30 20:27:28 GMT 1997

when using an nt 4.0 client, i can get non-guest access to all shares
as i want.  however, i cannot get access to any printers unless the printer
is setup as a guest printer.  nt 4.0 always seems to try to use the printer 
as guest user.  nt 4 never gives me the chance to give a passwd for 
access to the server. (i do have SP3 on nt).

if i use win 95 client, i can get access to all shares and printers
as a non-guest user as i wanted.

is there a particular setting in smb.conf to get nt 4.0 to use the printer
as a non-guest users?  or is there something i am not doing to get nt 4
to access samba's printers as the logged on nt user?

i have 17p2 installed on sco.

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