Win95 Full System Backup to Samba box?

Simon Hyde shyde at
Thu Nov 27 21:18:46 GMT 1997

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:57:21 +1100, you wrote:

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>On Wed, 26 Nov 1997 Wayne_Johnson at wrote:
>> Hmmm.  That's a possibility (at least for my NT full system restores).
>> Is it possible to create a DOS bootable diskette with MSLAN, such that the
>> LAN can bee seen by the network?  I've never worked with MSLAN on DOS,
>> other than via WfW.  Is MSLAN downloadable from someplace or do you have to
>> buy it from Microsoft?
>	Free off  I think in /bussys/Clients.

However you might want to go for windows for workgroups for dos, this would
enable you to share disks from a DOS machine, if I recall correctly that is
simply a client. Sharing disks would enable you to use smbtar on a Unix
system for a remote restore. I suppose you could get hold of a DOS copy of
a tar and try sharing your reading remotely from the tape device, shared
over SMB. However neither of these would get around the long file names
problem, I suppose you could force creation of a LFN backup by setting up
an RSHD on the PC (there's a free one around), rsh'ing to it to run a
doslfnbk (this is a freeware(old versions)/shareware(most up to date
versions) utility which will store and restore mangled name -> normal name
backups, it will also backup attribs of files) and then run the backup.
Although quite how you would force smbtar to use the mangled names the PC
supplies I don't know.

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