Server string in Network Neighbourhood

Geoff Sokoll gdsokoll at
Wed Nov 26 11:11:12 GMT 1997

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is the string that appears in browser lists restricted to being a single string without spaces, or can you include spaces ?

I have samba v1.9.15p8 running on a SGI O2 system, and I'm accessing its filesystems from a W95 PC.

I started off with the following line in my /etc/init.d/samba script
   NMBD_OPTS="-C11th Floor SGI O2"
which results in only 11th appearing as the comment in the "Network Neighbourhood" window in W95.  If I change the above line to
   NMBD_OPTS='-C"11th Floor SGI O2"'
all I get is "11th as the comment.  Am I doing something stupid or am I missing something here ?

Geoff Sokoll

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