smbclient server name resolution [SAMBA digest 1503]

Darrin M. Gorski dgorski at
Tue Nov 25 20:50:16 GMT 1997

My $.02 on the topic:

While I agree that setting up a DNS secondary is a very simple task, I
think doing it at samba install time is inappropriate. A how-to or even
it's own subdir in the distribution would suffice. Many people who run
samba on their desktop will not (nor will their network admins) want to
install named on those machines. The Samba FAQ should list common problems
attributed to gethostbyname() timeouts, and should point to the resources
available with the samba distribution, including info on DNS and running

>From a support standpoint, I wouldn't mind if a user installed Samba on
his/her workstation, but named I would not allow. The simple reason is if
they blow it, I'll get a trouble ticket that says _my_ DNS is down, even
if they really broke their own. Then it would take me the next hour to get
the user to tell me they 'added' named for Samba. I would not be amused.

In short, don't do it for the user. If they are going to run named, they
should at least understand a little about DNS and named. Much like those
who run Samba should at least know a little about SMB and Samba.


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