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At 07:54 25-11-97 -0500, David Collier-Brown wrote:
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>> You know, this keeps coming up. Why are folks so scared of running
>> secondary DNS servers? It is *exactly* for the reasons outlined herein that
>> you'd want to have a secondary DNS, at least one, within every sub-net
>> which is isolated by low-speed/high-cost connections. Even when the
>> subnet-subnet connection is via LAN, each subnet should have a server
>> running a secondary DNS, at the minimum.
>> It takes all of 10 minutes to setup a named.boot file, and run named, on
>> your samba server. If such a machine were to be a local forwarder then you
>> could build up a pretty large cache and prevent unnecessary modem connects,
>> from named queries. You'd also speed up local DNS lookups immensly.
>	In your opinion, should a how-to or a chapter
>	on getting started with dns be part of the distribution?

It's even easier than that. It's scriptable. The only variables are
domain-dependent. I use identicle named.boot files on all my secondaries.
The devil is in the primary <grin>. You only need to generate it once,
after that, rdist can be used for propogation. 

Where it gets tricky is when the server exists in multiple domains
simultaneously. Most are not going to do that. 

In short, YES. However, a full chapter may not be necessary, a section at
most. Especially, when used with templates/scripts/perl-filters, to
actually build the named.boot file, in the Makefile. The reason this hasn't
been done yet, is that it is indeed a simple process. But, most who do this
are DNS admins already.

Alternatively, a good example can be provided, with tags where the mods
need to be made, and a short text file, which explains each required mod,
from a HOW-TO perspective. 

BTW, I consider this lack, a deficiency in the current DNS HOW-TO. 

>	The classical reference is to the grasshopper book, but
>	that's probabably overkill...

Agreed, most whom do not know DNS, would take one look at the book, it's
price(~$40US), and drop it right there, unless it's a job-required skill.
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