Win95 Full System Backup to Samba box?

Arcadio A. Sincero Jr. asincero at
Tue Nov 25 03:08:13 GMT 1997

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
> I am tracking a rumor that there is an NTFS driver available for Linux, and
> someone is working on a VFAT one as well, which, albeit R-O, might work for
> this method if Linux were booted up on this machine. However, forcing a

	Actually, VFAT support is already part of the main Linux source
tree.  Just select it in the kernal compile configuration :-).  Although,
since distributions nowadays include all the drivers already compiled as
modules, one would most likely need to do a "modprobe vfat" to load it (or
if the person has kerneld running, then it'll load automagically).

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