Win95 Full System Backup to Samba box?

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Tue Nov 25 02:57:45 GMT 1997

The following will work ONLY if you are NOT using NTFS under WinNT.
However, since the original poster indicated that they were using Win95
then NTFS is not the worry that VFAT is. The point is that non-FAT
partitions are going to be trouble with this method, regardless.

I am tracking a rumor that there is an NTFS driver available for Linux, and
someone is working on a VFAT one as well, which, albeit R-O, might work for
this method if Linux were booted up on this machine. However, forcing a
re-boot is not good for automated, over-night, backup runs.Forcing the user
to reboot, even once per week, is unacceptable for most of us. For one
thing, it's dependent on luser co-operation and organic-memory...not good.

At 12:03 25-11-97 +1100, Arcadio A. Sincero Jr. wrote:
>On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 Wayne_Johnson at wrote:
>> > hidden and system files) from the Win95 boxes to the 8mm tape drive on
>> > the Linux box.
>> > I know I could use smbmount to mount the Win95 drive, and then do a tar
>> or
>> > cpio backup, but I'm not nearly so sure about restoring that backup, if
>> > necessary onto a fresh hard disk.
>> > I do have a single-floppy network boot disk so I could bring the PC up
>> and
>> > connect it to the network using that floppy, but then how would I do the
>> > restore process to get everything back with the same system/hidden/RO
>> > attributes set?
>> I do something similar with several UNIX systems (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris,
>> SunOS and AT&T) and PC Systems (WinNT 3.51 & 4.0 and Win95).  I've been
>> using rdump for the UNIX systems and smbtar for the PC's.
>> How this will translate to a Win95 environment, I'm not sure.  Good luck.
>	Something like this was talked about a while ago on the list.
>A person on the list posted how he handles this.  He said he used a Linux
>boot disk which (I assumes) mounts it's root via NFS.  He then ran FDISK
>/MBR, then FORMAT C:/S inside a DOSEMU session.  This will write the DOS
>MBR on to the harddrive, and position IO.SYS in the correct spot on the
>harddrive.  He then unzipped (or untar'ed) a backed up copy of the Win95
>	I've tried this, and it seems to work rather well.  Although I
>couldn't get the FDISK that came with Windows 95 to do "FDISK /MBR" inside
>DOSEMU.  DOS 6's FDISK works fine tho.  
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