Internetworking browsing problem

Andrei andii at
Mon Nov 24 17:00:01 GMT 1997

Hello all!
We have a network with about 50 computers. One of them is a Linux 2.0.31,
the rest are Windows95. I tried to make the Linux PC to be a router, so I
can split the network. So I put two NE200 cards on Linux and asigned two
IP addr : 
eth0 netmask
eth1 netmask
It worked OK, but we have a problem with Samba.(1.9.7p4). If I am browsing
the Network Neiborhood I am only seeing the workgroups from one network
and the server. The "find computer" from Windows95 reaches the computer
from the other network pretty fast. When I make a double click it show the
shares on that computer. The trouble is when I click "up one level". After
a couple of seconds it says "Qualite is not accesible" (Qualite is the
name of workgroup).
The log.nmb file keep repeating this message:

Name query from for name FDS<0x1b>
Search for QUALITE(1b) - types 0x20 0x0 only: name not found

For the computer (TOM) in that workgroup (qualite) it says:

Name query from for name TOM<0x20>
Search for TOM(20) - found with DNS:

I have the following global section in smb.conf:

   workgroup = servers
   interfaces =
   dead time = 30
   debug level = 3
   wins support = yes
   domain master = yes
   preferred master = yes
   os level = 255
   domain controller = yes

The Windows95 computers are configured also to point to samba wins server.
The wins.dat contains: 
QUALITE#1e 880415108 ffe0R
QUALITE#00 880415108 ffe0R
TOM#03 880415109 60R
TOM#00 880415109 60R
TOM#20 880415109 60R

The browse.dat contains:

"SERVER"                  400c9b03 "Samba 1.9.17p4"              "SERVERS"
"SERVERS"                 c0001000 "SERVER"                      "SERVERS"
"AS400"                   c0402000 "MONALISA"                    "AS400"
"K2000"                   c0402000 "ADRIAN"                      "K2000"
"NT_KEPLER"               c0001000 "SERVER_NT"			 "NT_KEPLER"
"FDS"                     c0402000 "ALINA"                       "FDS"
"MISTRAL"                 c0402000 "BOGDAN"                      "MISTRAL"
"DIRECTIUNE"              c0402000 "CAMELIA"			 "DIRECTIUNE"
"GNA"                     c0000000 "PEDALA"                      "GNA"
"QUALITE"                 c0402000 "ELENA"                       "QUALITE"
"AS401"                   c0402000 "CLAUDIU"                     "AS401"
"SERVER"                  400c9b03 "Samba 1.9.17p4"              "SERVERS"
"SERVERS"                 c0001000 "SERVER"                      "SERVERS"
"SERVER"                  40099b03 "Samba 1.9.17p4"              "SERVERS"

Sorry for giving you so much infomation, but I guess it will help you.
Thanx for reading!

Andrei Stirbu

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