Printing from NT4(SP3) --> Samba SOLVED!! (Not Really!)

Rick Flower flower at
Sun Nov 23 01:26:09 GMT 1997

Ok.. I lied!! As it turns out, in doing some more work on my awe-inspiring NT
box, I shut it off (after shutting down of course!) and found upon restarting
NT4 that NONE of my stink'in print queues worked any more!  I've tried deleting
the queues once again and reinstalling -- to no avail!  This is getting REALLY
irritating!  I was printing NT test pages and other stuff to 5 different
printers last night and earlier today without problems!  If anyone has any
suggestions, I'd be VERY appreciative!  I'm about to pull all of my limited
amount of hair out.. Luckily I'm leaving town on Monday afternoon and won't
have to look at NT (or Samba for that matter) for a week!  My Samba & NT
problems aren't going to follow me to Newport, OR!!  Meanwhile, if anyone has
suggestions on things to try before Monday, let me know!

-- Rick

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