SAMBA digest 1500

David_Kricker at David_Kricker at
Sat Nov 22 23:15:03 GMT 1997

                   Status Distribution November 22, 1997 08:59:06

The message regarding "SAMBA digest 1500" sent on November 22, 1997
08:59:06 was sent by

Status Recipient
          Type                To
          Native Name         samba at
          Foreign Native Name samba at\n\n\nINTERNET


Status Reporters
          Type                From
          Name Domain         NOTES
          Native Name         CN=David Kricker/OU=AU/O=AMP at AMP
          Foreign Native Name CN=David Kricker/OU=AU/O=AMP\nAMP\n\n
          Organization        AMP
          Org Unit 1          AU
          Last Name           Kricker
          First Name          David

Status          769
Explanation     Invalid recipient

X.400 Status    769
Explanation     Delivery time expired

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