problems with nmbd and two network interfaces

Stig Venaas venaas at
Fri Nov 21 10:18:27 GMT 1997


I'm running samba on a system with two network interfaces with addresses
say and I have very different samba configurations
on the two interfaces, and I want to have netbios name SAMBA1
and to have netbios name SAMBA2. In order to do this, I have
put the following in my configuration files:


   interfaces =
   socket address =


   interfaces =
   socket address =
   netbios name = SAMBA2

I didn't specify any netbios name in smb.conf since the hostname is
SAMBA1. When I used 1.9.17 I ran two nmbd daemons, using the two
different configs. I'm now using ver-1.9.18alpha3 in order to have
oplocks, and it seems that the nmbd code has changed. I'm not sure,
but it seems like nmbd ignores the interface and socket address
settings. I can only run one nmbd, I guess they both tries to bind
to I would like to find SAMBA1 when I broadcast to, and SAMBA2 when I broadcast to Is there
a way to accomplish this?


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