Connecting to WinNT Services ?

Pascal A. Dupuis dupuis at
Fri Nov 21 09:01:34 GMT 1997

Our sysadmin has just switched our print server from WFWG3.11 to 
WinNT 3.51. He defined the same shares, but I can't access them through
Samba. When I do a 
smbclient \\\\host\\service -n USER, I got :
Session setup failed for username=USER myname=USER destname=HOST
ERRSRV - 2242
Playing with -U and -W didn't solve anything. The sysadmin created an
account for me on the server, I provide the correct password (normal or
uppercased), but still get this message.
Samba-1.9.17.p4 with DES encryption enabled, linux-2.0.32. Any hint ?

Thanks in advance

Pascal A. Dupuis

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