How to let samba talk to MAC?

Allan Bjorklund allan at
Wed Nov 19 22:26:57 GMT 1997

In message <3471C223.3D729361 at>you scribbled:
>I have a very basic question:  how to let samba talk to MACs?  I mean
>for file and printer sharing?  What should I install or config on linux
>server and on MAC machines?  Any help is greatly appreciated!
>Hongwei Li

  Netatalk.  It provides apple talk services from a UNIX host.  This is
  the setup we use here at the University of Michigan; SAMBA to provide
  PC file and print services, and Netatalk running along side of it to
  expose the same printers and file systems to the Macs.

  Best of all, Netatalk is free. See


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