How to run processes in background on NT Platform

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Nov 19 17:55:22 GMT 1997

> I would like to know 'How to run the processes in background when using
> RSH $ RSHD in Windows NT'.  Any suggestions and/or help is highly
> appreciated.

There is a very nice RSH daemon / service for NT with C source at

Couple of things to mention.  

	1.	The rshd service runs as an account and only one account.  	
		There is no user validation!
	2.	Access is controlled via a .rhosts file so you better 	
		protect it well and restrict access to the machine listed
		in it.

Also has rcp built in.  Works very well between NT and Unix.  There is
also an rsh client with source available from the URL.

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