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Wed Nov 19 14:07:17 GMT 1997

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> Hello,
> I install Samba on HP-UX V9.05.
> Any user declared on HP-UX can mount his own Home directory without problems.
> In smb.conf i declared the printers on HP-UX to be used by clients like
> Win95 and WinFW.
> I have not succeed to print any job from any client on HP-UX printers.

I had problems with printing when I started using samba.

Your printcap file looks OK.  You should have these lines in
your smb.conf file -

  printcap name = /usr/local/samba/lib/printcap
  printing = hpux
  load printers = yes
  print command = lp -oraw -onb -d %p %s

You can remove the '-onb' option from the print command if you want a banner
page.  This will leave the file printed in /tmp.  We have a cron job that
cleans these files out every night.  Otherwise, you could use this command to
remove the files after they are printed -

  print command = lp -c -oraw -onb -d %p %s; rm %s

The '-c' option will copy the file, them the rm command will remove the file
from /tmp. I'm not use if you have to use the '-c', I just put it in to be safe.

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