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Wed Nov 19 01:09:48 GMT 1997

>Subject: How to let samba talk to MAC?
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>I have a very basic question:  how to let samba talk to MACs?  I mean
>for file and printer sharing?  What should I install or config on linux
>server and on MAC machines?  Any help is greatly appreciated!
>Hongwei Li

DAVE is an SMB client for Macintosh from Thursby Systems.
Alternatively you can run one of several AppleTalk Stacks on your UNIX
machine, such as CAP, Netatalk, and the commercial (but very good)
EtherShare from Helios in Germany

We server 180 Macs on an Sparc 1000 and Ethershare has been remarkably
robust and very fast. SAMBA supports the other, 20 (very) odd PCs.

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