NIS homedir map and home share names

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Nov 18 13:55:28 GMT 1997

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Rob Naccarato wrote:

> We are making use of the NIS homedir functionality in our environment, but
> I've found something a little disturbing.  The format of the map looks
> thusly:
> username	server:/some/path
> I assume the path points to a user's home dir.  Does Samba make use of
> the path at all,

no it doesn't.
> or is it in there just for compatibility with the
> Automounter?

i don't know enough about NIS homedir functionality in order to be able 
to code it up properly myself, that's all...

> Secondly, in the DOMAIN.txt document, it states under "Configuration
> Instructions: Setting up Roaming User Profiles" that there is a problem
> "where Windows clients can maintain a connection to the [homes] share
> between logins. The [homes] share should must not therefore be used in a
> profile path".
> This is great and all, but why does Samba return a user's home share as
> \\server\homes rather than \\server\username ?

i explained this in a posting yesterday, in the discussion with jerry.

> I've made a small hack to password.c that makes the user's home share
> as \\server\username rather than \\server\homes (note that I'm far
> from being the world's greatest programmer):

don't do this: it will break things when a user logs out and the second 
user logs in.  amongst other things.

> password.c: line 213:
> /* ROB  
>   strcpy(vuser->home_share,"\\\\%L\\HOMES");
> */
>   strcpy(vuser->home_share,"\\\\%L\\");
>   strcpy(vuser->home_share,vuser->name);
> password.c: line 233:
> /* ROB
>     strcat(vuser->home_share,"\\homes");
> */
>     strcat(vuser->home_share,"\\");
>     strcat(vuser->home_share,vuser->name);
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