NIS homedir map and home share names

Rob Naccarato rob.naccarato at
Mon Nov 17 19:23:46 GMT 1997

We are making use of the NIS homedir functionality in our environment, but
I've found something a little disturbing.  The format of the map looks

username	server:/some/path

I assume the path points to a user's home dir.  Does Samba make use of
the path at all, or is it in there just for compatibility with the

Secondly, in the DOMAIN.txt document, it states under "Configuration
Instructions: Setting up Roaming User Profiles" that there is a problem
"where Windows clients can maintain a connection to the [homes] share
between logins. The [homes] share should must not therefore be used in a
profile path".

This is great and all, but why does Samba return a user's home share as
\\server\homes rather than \\server\username ?

I've made a small hack to password.c that makes the user's home share
as \\server\username rather than \\server\homes (note that I'm far
from being the world's greatest programmer):

password.c: line 213:
/* ROB  

password.c: line 233:
/* ROB

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