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>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 09:23:04 -0500
>From: Jason Gerrity <jason.gerrity at>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <samba at>
>Subject: Anyone else seen this?
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>Hello All,
>I was just wondering if anyone else is seeing these problems...
>Every so often our Win95 clients can not authenticate.  They get the error:
>"The network could not validate your username.  You cannot use Windows
>unless your username is validated by the network.  Make sure you typed
>everything corectly, or contact your administrator."
>(which is due to our policy file setting of not allowing access if not
>Or the machine will seem to hang for 30 sec to a minute and then go to a
>local login prompt and hitting escape or cancel will bring the user to a
>default desktop.
>These interruptions in authentication last for a random amount of time
>5,10,15,etc mins.  Nothing is done on the server end and they will suddenly
>be able to login again.
>During this time, users who are currently logged in work ok.  We can ping
>the login servers and the homedir servers (we're using the NIS
>features to have our homedirs on different servers)  The log files don't
>show any connections from the clients during this time (except the ones
>already logged in). DHCP works during this (if we get to a default desktop
>then winipcfg /renew all works)
>we have done some packet tracing and tcpdumps and it appears that the
>client requests are seen by the server but Samba is not responding to them...
>This is becoming VERY annoying and we're running out of ideas.
>Our system is:
>2 Dec Alphas 3.2g (same subnet- each with multiple interfaces) - 1 home dir
>1 login/file server
>~150 Pentium clients running win95 (OSR2)
>Samba 17p4
>We are also experiencing a problem with our printers (qms 1725) with print
>ques on the servers going "off-line" as reported by Win95 and jobs not
>being printed.  If the user logs back in (if the authentication problem
>doesn't stop them) then a message appears saying they have jobs in the que
>and to print or delete them...selecting print will print the jobs.
>If you try to remove all printers in Win95 then add a new one, you get the
>error that the printer is off-line.  This too is a random problem that will
>go away.

I wonder if the DNS services are busy/not working for short intervals. This
would do this to you...


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