Printing to NT server from Solaris?

Dave Horsfall dave at
Wed Nov 12 04:10:36 GMT 1997

This sounds like a FAQ, but I couldn't find it...  Is there a "how to"
list to print to a printer on an NT box, from Solaris?  It keeps asking
for a password, even when I merely browse the NT box to see what's there,
and I know as much about NT as I do about SMB...

If it helps, it's Samba 1.9.15p8, under Solaris 2.5.1; godnose what
version the NT box is.

I guess at the very least, I need to set up users for "root" and/or "lp"
on the NT box?  Anthing else I need?

Oh, if anyone's interested, I beefed up the simple LP interface script, so
it actually tries to recover from errors (PC switched off etc).

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