files owned by root

J.A. Gutierrez spd at
Wed Nov 12 01:56:16 GMT 1997


	though I still can't reproduce it, my lusers can create
	root owned files/directories in their directories using
	normal w95/nt clients. (they say it's a random thing;
	sometimes the files are created with the right owner,
	and sometimes they aren't; and I've seen the bad files.)

	Any idea about what could be wrong?

	Samba version 1.9.17p4
	IRIX 6.2
	using XFS filesystem
	with quotas
	with restricted_chown = 1
	with lots of patches
	using DES passwords for samba

	some (maybe) relevant settings:

	share modes = yes
	dead time = 720
	dont descend = /proc /etc /debug /dev /root
	invalid users = root [other system accounts]
		comment = Home Directories
		browseable = yes
		read only = no
		create mode = 0750
		invalid users = guest

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