Debian/Samba Password Problems :-(

Daniel Robbins drobbins at
Tue Nov 11 19:42:00 GMT 1997

Hello, I am trying to get Samba (1.9.17p4) running under Debian 1.3.  
What I would like to do is use Samba for sharing all of the user files 
for our 70+ seat NT Workstation network. (It's on an NT server right now, 
but we've had problems with the SAM corruption, so we're looking for an 

Here's the problem: I am getting a bad password message on the NT 
machines and when using SMBClient, indentical to what others have posted.
In the smb.log file, this is what shows up:

>Allowed connection from ( to tmp
>Scanning username map /usr/local/samba/lib/
>SMB Password - pwlen = 24, challenge_done = 1
>Checking SMB password for user drobbins (l=24)
>get_smbpwname: returning passwd entry for user drobbins, uid 10169
>Error : UNIX and SMB uids in password files do not match !
^^^This is when trying to connect to an SMB share that requires password 
authentication.  Connecting to "public" shares (using the guest account) 
work flawlessly, from both NT workstation and from smbclient.

What is going on?  Did I compile Samba wrong?  Debian is using PAM and
shadow passwords, should I enable *both* these options in the makefile or
just PAM?  But this problem was happening using the most recent Samba .deb
package (which I tried before I got my hands on the source), which I
assume was compiled with the correct options.

-Daniel Robbins
 System Administrator
 University of New Mexico
 Department of OB/GYN 

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