Printing to Linux Desket 540 from Win95

"Salvador P. Sánchez" salva at
Tue Nov 11 19:01:09 GMT 1997

In smb.conf

load printers = yes
   comment = Color printer
   path = /usr/temp/deskjet
   print ok = yes
   printable = yes
   public = no
   writable = no
   create mode = 0700
   guest ok = no

make the directory /usr/temp/deskjet (of the dir what you want) with chmod 777

In /etc/printcap 

# Generic printer:

The /usr/spool/lp1 exist?

This work very fine.

see le line mx#0. If this value is not set to 0 the sheet print incomplety.

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							salva at

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