Printing to Linux Desket 540 from Win95

Simon Hyde shyde at
Tue Nov 11 07:47:28 GMT 1997

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997 10:16:20 +1100, you wrote:

>i was kindly sent some example /etc/printcap files and some shell scripts to
>do conversions like this, which started out life on linux: i gave up on
>trying to get them to work on FreeBSD :-(
>i *think* you will need a text to PCL converter program.  if you find one,
>for linux, and how to execute it (i think you do something similar to
>postscript processing: use a shell pre-processing command in the
>/etc/printcap file), then please let me know.
>[this is assuming that the Deskjet 540 and the HP Laserjet 4L are both 
>PCL printers...]

I'm pretty sure that the deskjet series (certainly the DeskJet 500C) don't
support PCL.

I suspect your problem is that when printing from windows you are using a
HP DeskJet 500C whereas when printing from Linux or DOS you are probably
sending PostScript/text. Your problem could be that the printing filter you
have on your Linux machine doesn't expect raw input to be sent straight to
the printer and is therefore unsure of what to do wiht the stuff it gets
from your win 95 machine. Try installing a PostScript driver on windows 95
(such as the Apple LaserWriter or Digital LN03R) and printing through that
to the deskjet printer on the Linux machine.

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