Printing to Linux Desket 540 from Win95

Chris Molnar cmolnar at
Mon Nov 10 23:20:02 GMT 1997


I am trying to print from a win95 machine to a HP Deskjet 540 printer on
/dev/lp1 on my Slackware Linux 1.0.29 system.

I have read the docs, (FAQ, MAN's, etc.) so the question needs to be asked

I am able to connect to the printer from the 95 machine.
I can print from DOS apps to the printer.
I can print from the Linux machine to the printer.

I CAN NOT print from any widows application to the printer. It sends it to
the linux machine and then the Linux machine creates a spool file in
/var/spool/lpd/dj that is an "unprintable file".

Does anyone know how to solve this, or if it is solvable. I need to use the
linux machine as the print server rather than the win95 machine.

cmolnar at

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