SAMBA digest 1486

Pavel Bocek xbocekp at
Mon Nov 10 17:07:01 GMT 1997

> The goal behind this this product is very simple as I mentioned.  SHARING
> only ONE directory on the UNIX host by ONE NT server and only ONE user
> defined on my unix machine has to make use of that.  I don't need it for
> sharing printers or any other things.
> I kindly need you guys to help out my out to construct my smb.conf file to
> meet STRICTLY the above restrictions.  I have, however, a deadline to meet
> this project.  Please help me before my BOSS kicks my ass ;-)

In addition to the suggestions proposed by someone else you 
must use

valid users = your_username
allow hosts = IP_Address

to limit access to your username and to the NT's IP address.

It is also preferable to disable all browsing services:

local master = false
domain master = false
wins support = false
os level = 0


Pavel Bocek

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