Any Amiga Samba users?

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at
Sat Nov 8 18:35:31 GMT 1997

Den 06-Nov-97 16:32:31 skrev Evan W Tuer følgende om "Any Amiga Samba users?":
> I'm thinking of using Samba to allow my laptop 486 to access the 
> CDrom, internet link and large hard disks in my Amiga.  Does 
> anyone know if this would be easy to do, and if it's possible to get 
> Samba running using Miami?

It will let you access the CDROM and hard disks, but not the Internet link.
Using the Internet link of you Amiga for your laptop is something you set up
in the TCP/IP stacks of the two computers. Usenet comp.sys.amiga.networking
would be an appropriate place to ask questions about this.

Samba does work with Miami, I've been using Miami instead of AmiTCP/IP for
more than two months now. If you're installing my precompiled version, use
the popup menu in the database section of Miami to merge the .addon files
into their respective database sections. It is still a requirement that
AmiTCP: is assigned so that AmiTCP:samba is the directory in which you have
Samba installed. The TMPDIR environment variable should be set before Miami
is started as Miami has inetd built-in.


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