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Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Fri Nov 7 11:27:34 GMT 1997

Hi Luke,

here's the latest news:

> > "D:\WINNT\profiles\rebehn.000\Desktop\I is not accessible.
> > The filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect"
> ok, there's either a bug in the format of the SAM Logon response, _or_
> it's using the default location (\\samba_server_\homes\profile)

It was my own fault, sorry. I had changed the location of the "all
profile from 
	"%WINDIR%\profiles\all users"
	"\\OurServer\allusers\all users"
in the regsistry thus centralizing the default desktop and start menues
on our server. As i reverted this change, i could login with no
Drive Z: is automatically connected to my home directory and my profile
is loaded/stored from Z:\profiles. 

As for the passwords:
I can login on the NT client using any password, but only if i use the
correct samba password i can connect to the samba server. This is
i can live with since i generally don't have valuable data on local

Another problem:
If i try to login with a nonexistent username i get the message:
	"The system could not log you on (C0000253). Please try again or 
	 consult your system administrator".
That's ok, but after that i can not login with any account. I have to
the machine.

Yet another problem:
We already have an NT doamin (ANT) running on our local subnet with a
NT domain controller (NT 3.51). When i start the samba domain controller
for the ANTSMB domain, browsing does not work correctly any more. I can
see some NT stations, no other samba servers.

But anyway, i want to thank the samba team for their effort and eventual
success on making NT Server unnecssary. :-)))

I'm afraid i don't have Net Monitor, where can i get it?

Regards, Heinrich

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