Desktop Computer emulation???

Tony D'Andrade blue at
Thu Nov 6 18:18:16 GMT 1997

Hi.  In Windows 95 if you were to <right> click on "My Computer" and
select "Properties" then the "Performance" tab and then under  "Advanced
Settings" click "File System", you would see settings for
the "Typical role of this machine".  You can select either: 
	Desktop Computer
	Mobile or Docking System
	Network Server

I think that Samba acts similar to a Network Server comparitavely speaking
in this scenario.  Is there any way to enable Samba to act as though it
were a "Desktop Computer" in terms of how it advertises its shares ?

I am having trouble backing up Samba Shares on my backup server.  Its
seems I can back up shares on a Windows 95 PC when it is in "Desktop
Computer" mode and not in "Network Server" mode.

Any help would be appreciated.


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