NT 4.0 WKS reconnect problem

Janne.Harju at nmp.nokia.com Janne.Harju at nmp.nokia.com
Thu Nov 6 11:09:05 GMT 1997

> > Has anyone got a solution to a problem with NT 4.0 WKS
> > not reconnecting to Samba-mounted drives during logon?
> Known problem with plain-text passwords, disconnect those
> drives then reconnect from the command line:
> net use \\samba\share X: /user:logname /persistent:yes


command line connections didn't solve the problem,
but I did discover a workaround in Explorer.

Map a share from the Samba server with reconnect at logon on.
After this you'll have to map all the subsequent shares from 
the Samba server to drive letters greater than the first
the connection. This way NT will prompt for the password
for the Samba server during logon and use that password
to reconnect successfully all the other drives.

E.g. first map F: -> \\sambaserver\share1,
Samba will prompt for password and establish connection.
Then map G: -> \\sambaserver\server2, NT 4.0 uses the
previously entered password.

When you logoff and logon back, NT 4.0 will prompt for the
password for drive F: and use that password to connect drive G:
Presto, it seems to works!

This is a silly and annoying problem, would anyone happen
to know if MS is going to fix this?

 Janne Harju

email: janne.harju at nmp.nokia.com
tel. +358 10 505 7143

P.S. Luke, no I did not sent the last message as an attachment.
There must be something funny going in my email... (personally
I think that this HP OpenMail system s***s...)

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